PCRP #009 Generational Theory in Revitalization

What can we learn from past generations? We delve into the Strauss Howe Generational Theory to see if it can teach us what reaching generations in our churches has been, is, and might be in the future.

Plus the Boys reveal plans for future episodes, sorta.


PCRP #008 Restarting Children's Ministry In A Replant

Restarting a ministry in a church replant can be a challenge. In children's ministry it can be very daunting and scary. On this podcast Natalie McKinnon talks about some of the troubles restarting the Children's ministry at FBC Sutton, and some of the things that children's directors need to be aware of in this day and age.

Some things discussed:
Your church may lack a proper place for a children's ministry, and if it does, it may be outdated and/or in need of a makeover

Most churches know about the Criminal Offence Report Inquiry (C.O.R.I.) but they don't realize that another report needs to be done the Sexual Offender Report Inquiry (S.O.R.I.). Sexual predators are not on the C.O.R.I. and a S.O.R.I. will protect the children, you, and the church better.

Local conferences and networks are key to one day training that can yield a lot for your children's leaders.


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